Torrevieja and Rojales had relatively little rain in April

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The month was slightly warmer than average at 17ºCbreaking wave

There were relatively few April showers, at least in Torrevieja and in general around the south of Alicante province. The data collected by the Mastral Project indicates that there was only half the average amount of rain compared to the average over the last 30 years. Between 13 and 14 centimetres per square metre were collected all month, most of it on the 5th when up to 10cm fell. This total amount compares to the average precipitation for April, which is about 29cm/m2.

In fact, Torrevieja had the last rain in all the Valencian Community, along with Rojales, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which since September has had a rain gauge in Torrevieja, which is managed by the Mastral Project.

The temperatures were slightly hotter than usual with an average of 17ºC, which is 0.3ºC above average. The hottest levels were recorded in the middle of the month, like on the 14th when the temperature reached 24.7ºC in the centre of Torrevieja.

Also in the middle of the month we had a small storm of wind and waves, when there were gusts of up to 70km/h and waves of up to 3 metres.

At a regional level, according to AEMET, April was a quite hot with a normal amount of rain, altohu a few places like Elda registered double the usual amount. Torrevieja and Orihuela registered 14.1cm/m2, Orihuela 16.2 and Alicante 15.6.

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