Torrevieja police carry out roadside drink and drug tests

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Five drivers positive for drugs out of 45 testedpolice roadblock

Torrevieja Local Police set up a number of roadside alcohol and drug checks for drivers during the week of December 11th-17th as part of a national traffic department campaign. In total they carried out 48 tests for alcohol and 45 for drugs using kits which they acquired recently.

Four people tested positive for alcohol, three of whom face court proceedings for driving under the influence. They also detected 5 drivers whose results were positive for various drugs.

Many of these tests were in the evening on December 15th at which Inspector Óscar Cartón González was backed by 10 officers.

They set up three roadblocks, at the roundabout by the Local Police station, on Avenida Gregorio Marañón opposite the Cepsa petrol station and by the Hombre del Mar statue on the way out of the port. 23 drivers were checked and none were positive for alcohol but five had drugs in their systems. One had cocaine, one cannabis, one amphetamines, one cocaine and amphetamines, and another cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis. Two other drivers were reported for their ITV being out of date.

The digital alcohol testers can be used as evidence while samples of saliva tested for drugs are sent on to a laboratory if they are positive.

Alcohol and drugs are one of the main causes of traffic accidents and Torrevieja Local Police will continue carrying out tests over the coming months.

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