Torrevieja thanks British conversation class volunteers

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Participants learn the language and everyone shares cultures and makes friendsbritish ciaj volunteers

Torrevieja Town Hall has thanked the British volunteers who offer conversations in English at the Youth Centre (CIAJ), on the fifth anniversary of the activity being set up.

Councillor Víctor Ferrández gave them all diplomas to recognise their contributions by putting on this weekly service which has proved very popular.

Special thanks were given to the coordinator of all these volunteers, Crystal East, who received a commemorative plaque.

They were also joined at the CIAJ by the centre's two technicians, Rosa María Lázaro Alfaro and Gustavo García Silva.

Ferrández thanked all the volunteers in the name of the municipality for their totally altruistic work over these five years. He said it is more than deserved recognition and noted that over 300 residents have benefited from the service in this time.

Crystal East thanked the Town Hall on behalf of all the volunteers and said she is very happy to provide this service and hopes to continue for many years more. She noted that as well as learning English, the participants are also enriched culturally and forge close bonds of friendship.

The ceremony was completed with a toast to the five years of conversation classes and also to the imminent Christmas.

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