Torrevieja Local Police gets kit to test drivers for drugs

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Inspector says there will be increased checks for drugs and alcohol over the Christmas period

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 Torrevieja Local Police have recently obtained a kit for measuring the presence of drugs in drivers. The equipment is made up of a device for measuring intoxicating and psychotropic substances, kits for taking samples to send to the official laboratory, a refrigerator for maintaining their temperature and other materials for guaranteeing the chain of custody of the samples. It is already being used at traffic checkpoints.

The apparatus measures the presence of drugs including hashish and its derivatives, cocaine, heroin and opiates, designer drugs (amphetamines, methamphetamines, etc.) and psychotropics or medications. According to the law officers who use it must have taken a training course, which so far 10 have already completed and another 6 will be taking it soon.

Before being given a drugs test, drivers will be given an alcohol test. Fines for driving with drugs in the system can be up to €1,000 but the main objective is to guarantee road safety and prevent accidents.

The tests have two phases: the first consists of putting a cotton bud into the mouth until enough saliva sticks to it, which is then put into the measuring device and after 6 minutes of analysis gives a result. If it is positive for the presence of any of the mentioned drugs then the second phase begins.

This consists of taking a second saliva sample with a cotton bud called QUANTISAL, which is then sent to the official laboratory. The analysis by the laboratory will give the definitive result showing the amount of drugs in the driver’s system.

Alcohol and drugs are one of the principal causes of traffic accidents and Inspector Óscar Cartón González said there will be increased checks for drugs and alcohol over the Christmas period.

Soon the Local Police will also obtain new evidential ethylometers for testing for alcohol, which will replace the two they have now which are almost 20 years old.

In September and October 2015 Torrevieja Local Police took part in the National Traffic Department (DGT) DRUID project, for which they tested 128 drivers and 6 were positive for cocaine, 2 for heroin and opiates, and 12 for cannabis and is derivatives. 

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