Five Torrevieja Local Police on trial for torture

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Prosecutor asking for sentences that total 24 yearsalicante provincial court

On Monday a trial began at the Alicante Provincial Court against five Torrevieja Local Police officers accused of torturing two people who they had surprised burgling the house of one of the officers.

The prosecutor is asking for punishments that range from one and two years for various offences of torture, forging official documentation and failing in their duty to pursue offences.

Two other police are also accused of knowing about what happened and not pursuing it. The last of the accused was the ex Partido Popular councillor who was in charge of the police in 2006 but recently died.

The prosecutor explained that in 2006 the Local Police inspector found out a burglary was happening at his house so various patrols were informed and went to his home.

The officers arrested two people supposedly connected with the robbery and took them to the police station, where they attacked, threatened and insulted them.

Afterwards, some of the accused changed the report and adapted the story so it seemed that the injuries suffered by the detainees who had been attacked were accidental and not as a result of the beating they had received.

The court suspended the trial after the victims did not show up.

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