Young turtles released into the sea in Torrevieja

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Schoolchildren attended the ceremony at La Mata beachturtle release la mata

Six young turtles were freed at La Mata beach in Torrevieja on Friday. Their eggs, along with another 82, were laid in Sueca over a year ago.

This nest was one of only four that have been documented on the Valencian Community’s coast in the last 200 years, and another was actually in La Mata.

Torrevieja Town Hall has been involved in a turtle conservation programme for the last 10 years in collaboration with the Valencian Government and the Oceanographic Centre in Valencia.

Children from Ciudad del Mar school had chosen names for the animals and wished them good luck on their voyages out to sea. Thanks to the collaboration of members of the public and technicians, the turtles were born weighing just 18 grams and 4 centimetres long, but are now 1.5 kilograms and 18cm.

Mayor José Manuel Dolón said a lot of work had gone into enabling these six turtles to be successfully returned to the sea.

“It is very important that children participate in this release so that they realise from a young age that the conservation of the oceans is down to everyone,” he said.

The mayor also thanked the Local Police, Guardia Civil, Civil Protection, Provincial Coast Service, Town Hall workers, fishermen, local sailing clubs and marinas for their contributions to help conserve the “fragile environmental balance” of the sea.

Anyone who sees a turtle or a nest on the beach should call 112 and report it so that the rescue protocol can be put into action.

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