Government agrees N-332 dual carriageway for Torrevieja

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Ministry for Development will design and build the road extensionn-332 traffic

Torrevieja Mayor José Manuel Dolón has informed that the Ministry for Development is going to design the project and build the N-332 dual carriageway through Torrevieja.

He said this will put an end to the "fabrications" that the PP have come up with for years about why nothing has been done.

Dolon said he received a letter from the Ministry assuming exclusive responsibility for the project and construction work.

He assured that this clearly shows that so far "the public has been conned, they have toyed with the interests of Torrevieja and done tremendous damage to the life of the municipality and the area".

The mayor showed all the letters he has sent to different institutions about the project and listed innumerable phone calls he has had to make to get this problem unblocked.

He thanked the ministry for settling the matter and asked it to be "quick" and offered to put all the technical and human resources of the Town Hall at its disposal to help with the work. "There is still a long way to go," he warned.

Dolon noted that the announced protocol between the Town Hall, Valencian government and Ministry was never signed.

"It is very simple, each administration has its responsibilities and the National roads are one of the state's," he said. " They have admitted we were right, albeit late I believe, but they have admitted it. But if we had believed everything they were telling us we would have still been in the same situation."

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