Homeless man arrested in Torrevieja for sexually molesting two children

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Suspect accused of corrupting minors, possessing child pornography and unlawful appropriationclosed up shop unit

Guardia Civil have arrested a 52 year old man of Portuguese nationality for alleged corruption of minors, possessing child pornography and unlawful appropriation. The victims were two children aged 12 and 13.

This was discovered after a much less accusation was made last week by a resident who accused him of not giving back a tablet he had lent him. The officers were surprised to hear he had seen the man a month ago touching intimate places on a 12 year old boy while showing him child pornographic videos.

The Guardia Civil immediately tried to find the boy and his family to corroborate the man’s version and arrest the suspect. They found the boy the next day who admitted it had happened three times and also that the man had offered his brother €10 to perform a sexual act, although he had refused.

The mother said she had left the boys with this man while she was in a gambling shop where children were not allowed. She has since been reported to the Prosecution Service for Minors to evaluate whether she committed a crime.

The suspect has been ordered to prison without bail and the Guardia Civil confiscated his electronic devices on which pornographic material was saved. The owner of the empty unit where he had been living has now installed a metal blind to stop people getting in until he can rent out the premises.

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