Torrevieja claims €180,000 from car park company

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Company has quadrupled prices but paid the same annual fee to the Town Hall since 1992dolon april 2011

Torrevieja Mayor José Manuel Dolón has informed the the Town Hall will be getting more income after having increased the annual fee paid for the concession to run the car park under the Paseo de Vista Alegre. This is the first time it has been increased since the concession was awarded in 1992, “which meant the Town Hall has lost hundreds of thousands of euros over the years”.

He explained they have billed the company for late payments accumulated over the last four years – which is as far back as can legally still be claimed – and they amount to €178,251.81, and for the fee from the second half of 2016, which is another €34,299.42, in accordance with the contract.

The contract was given directly to the company in 1992 and established that it had to pay the Town Hall €60.10 per space per year for a total of 294 spaces, which amounts to €17,669.40.

The company is now charging users €1.98 per hour to park, when in 1992 the cost was just 51 cents. The contract allows the prices to be revised with inflation each January 1 and the fee for the concession was supposed to go up by the same proportion but this was never done.

As a consequence the Town Hall missed out on “hundreds of thousands of euros” just from 2002 to 2012, and the contract was made for 75 years, until the year 2067.

The concession was not revised almost 25 years, “possibly because there were people who made money from this and did so for years when it was simply a question of political will”, said the mayor.

Now it will be updated every year so that this favouritism that has been so profitable for a few and so costly for the majority will not continue, he added, noting that he criticised the situation several years ago, and as a result the company paid what it owed because it was not up to date then either, but the fee was never updated.

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