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Torrevieja PP furious after councillor claims cow's milk is bad for youcarmen morate archive pic

The Torrevieja Partido Popular (PP) has demanded that the Valencian Government and health authorities publicly discredit the local Councillor for Animal Protection Carmen Morate after she appealed to the public not to drink cow's milk.

The Green Party representative said on a radio programme that cow's milk “is bad for us and all kinds of illnesses”.

“We should not consume cow's milk because protection of animals starts on the plate or in a glass in this case.”

“Any other vegetable milk is healthier than cow's milk,” claimed the councillor after claiming that “consuming cow's milk is the worst thing we can do for our body”.

The PP's Joaquín Albaladejo thought that “it is irresponsible for a public representative to ask mothers not to give this food to their children or not to give it to people who are ill”, said the national MP. He considered it necessary for someone in authority to “deny these claims before they do damage to someone”.

Morate assured her claims were based on “worldwide reports” that are available on the internet about the problems with this product. She said vegetable milks contain the same vitamins that animal milk “supposedly” does. Albaladejo insisted this demonstrated “terrible recklessness for a politician in a matter like children's nutrition”. He demanded a statement from the Valencian Government and the health authorities “before someone believes this and it causes harm”.

The PP claimed “this pseudoscience has to be attacked to avoid public health damage”.

“What would happen if someone took notice and took it away from the Food Banks or stopped supplying it in public hospitals?” asked Albaladejo.

He said the mayor should say something because “because behaviour like this can only cause totally unnecessary alarm for the public”.

“It is unbelievable that this councillor gets paid €3,000 a month to say barbarities like this on local radio,” criticised Albaladejo.

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  • Guest (James)

    She is right ! Of course she will get abused when speaking against the socially hypnotized crowd. It like speaking out against religion back in history , they would kill you.

    She should be applauded for her insights.

    I know many people who have hugely improved their health, by cutting milk from their diet.
    I also have personal experience with this ...

    well done Carmen, brave women for speaking the truth, its important for the upcoming generation

    from Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain

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