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Fun with science in Almoradí

Activities, experiments and and exhibition of holograms and optical illusions This year’s Experimental Sciences Contest is being held in Almoradí’s Plaza de la Constitución this weekend, Friday the 15th and Saturday...

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Staring at the Sun in Orihuela

MUDIC Science Museum acquires new solar telescope A new solar telescope which uses the latest technology to make it possible to see magnetic structures or protuberances from the surface of the Sun has been acquired by the...

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This was the lunar eclipse from Orihuela

MUDIC museum astronomy group set up its telescopes to watch Image by the MUDIC astronomy group Early on Monday morning the MUDIC science museum astronomy group and the Hypatia de Alejandria teachers’ association set up...

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Astronomical phenomena light the night sky

From the MUDIC science museum in Orihuela This June in the evening sky, two of the brightest planets seen from Earth are Venus and Jupiter. At the end of the month they will be at their closest with an arc of just 22 between...

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Science Museum open day

The Interactive Science Museum (MUDIC) in Orihuela is holding an open day on Saturday from 11am-2pm. Normally the museum is only open for organised tours and school trips and attracts children from all over the area, but this...

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Learn the light fantastic

Orihuela’s Interactive Science Museum opens new room A room dedicated to optics and light will be opened this year at the Educational and Interactive Science Museum (MUDIC) at Miguel Hernández University in Orihuela. The...

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Interstellar Spanish scientists

Alicante university astronomers amongst first to witness stars about to merge Researchers from various Spanish universities, including Alicante, have observed two stars that are so close they are going to fuse into one...

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See the wonders of science

Science fair in Rafal includes fun experiments and a talk by the European Space Agency The Vega Baja Experimental Science Contest will bring more than 250 schoolchildren from 17 local schools to Rafal from April 10th-12th. They...

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