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A rainy November was just the tonic

More changeable weather expected for a few days Rainfall on November 29 – MeteOrihuela In the second half of November there has been precipitation in Orihuela on eight different days. This is a surprising fact because it...

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Fine weather this weekend

No wind or rain expected to spoil Orihuela’s Medieval Market By MeteOrihuela One headline that won’t be spoiling the Medieval Market this weekend is the weather. This year the event has changed date as traditionally it has...

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Orihuela gets an official rain gauge

MeteOrihuela project entrusted with device Orihuela can now contribute to official records of rainfall around the country, since the State Meteorology Agency (AEMET) has entrusted the MeteOrihuela project with an official rain...

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Costa Blanca basking in December sunshine

Unusually high temperatures persist across the country By Pedro José Gómez Cascales of MeteOrihuela The atmospheric stability doesn’t want to leave us, with several high pressure systems over the south and east of Europe...

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Why is the weather upside down?

MeteOrihuela explains Thermic inversion ‘Sea of clouds’ taken from the Sierra de Orihuela on November 7th by Gerardo Cayuelas By Pedro José Gómez Cascales of MeteOrihuela These days of anti-cyclonic flow are prone to...

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Unstable weather to start November

MeteOrihuela analyses the adverse meteorological conditions In Orihuela on Sunday there was 0.6mm of rain, while on Monday there was 38.8mm, which fell from powerful convective clouds in occasional heavy or very heavy bursts as...

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Record heat for the month of May

MeteOrihuela predicts more normal temperatures from Friday and a cooler weekend A historic Thursday today, May 14th set the record for the hottest day in the month of May in the Mediterranean area of the Iberian Peninsula. The...

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A cold end to the year

A blast of cold air from Siberia affecting much of Europe at the end of 2014 By Pedro José Gómez Cascales of the Project MeteOrihuela You may remember that last year at Christmas we had an “explosive cyclogenesis” – also...

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