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October was hot and dry despite the storm

Get your coats ready for next week The month that is always the rainiest in our climate here has actually been dry and very hot this year. The data from the weather stations of the Mastral Project in Torrevieja indicate that the...

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September was hot and dry in Torrevieja

Record temperature was set on the 5th in a month when average was 0.5°C above normal The month of September has been hot and very dry, according to the records of the Mastral Project, which indicate that in Torrevieja the...

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Torrevieja’s third driest spell in history

138 days straight without rain ended today Torrevieja reached 138 days without rainfall of more than 1 litre per square metre on Tuesday, which is the third longest dry spell since records began (in 1927). Since May 13th it had...

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Tears of San Lorenzo by La Mata lake

More than 200 people watched the Perseids meteor shower On the night of Thursday, August 11th more than 200 people gathered in the Natural Park of La Mata Lakes to observe the most famous meteor shower of the summer, the...

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Watch the Perseids from the salt lake

See the meteor shower on Thursday from inside the Natural Park If you are keen to catch a glimpse of the Perseids meteor shower, which can be seen every August when the Earth passes through the tail of the comet Swift-Tuttle,...

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A very hot end to July

Predictions of 40ºC for Orihuela and 35ºC for Torrevieja July comes to an end this weekend and will do so with very high temperatures in our area. According to the latest predictions of the State Meteorology Agency, AEMET,...

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June was fresh and dry in Torrevieja

No rain was recorded at all last month in the municipality The month of June was extremely dry and a bit colder than the average over the last 30 years. This is the conclusion from the data registered by the weather stations of...

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Pleasant temperatures to start the summer

The Mastral Project predicts a hotter and drier than usual season in Torrevieja At 34 minutes past midnight on Tuesday, June 21st the summer started in the northern hemisphere and winter began in the southern hemisphere. It was...

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