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Exhibition of esparto at the Rojales caves

Concerts and art and crafts market this Sunday The rodeo caves neighbourhood of Rojales becomes the local capital of culture again this weekend. The Sala Mengolero will be hosting an exhibition by Jorge Izquierdo Gómez called...

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Nights of culture at the Rodeo Caves

Concerts, crafts, exhibitions and movies in Rojales this August The cultural associations Kaleidoscopio and Art N Ground are offering a wide variety of activities at the Rodeo Caves in Rojales this August, including concerts,...

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Craft and culture at the Rojales caves

Market, workshops and film festival this weekend The art and craft market returns to the Rodeo Caves in Rojales this weekend, on Saturday July 9th, starting at its summer time of 7pm. The other summer market nights at the caves...

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Rodeo caves art festival this weekend

Rodearte returns to the Rodeo Caves from April 29th to May 1st Rodearte is an annual three day celebration of the arts that takes place at the Rodeo Caves in Rojales. It is organised by the Town Hall and all the artists and...

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Visit the art and craft underground

Market, exhibition and workshops at the Rodeo Caves in Rojales on Sunday The art and craft market at the Rodeo Caves neighbourhood in Rojales, which is held on the first Sunday of every month, returns on April 3rd from 11am....

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Pipers at the caves

Spanish bagpipe players bring musical vibes to the Rodeo Caves Arts and Crafts Market This weekend come and spend a Sunday at the Rodeo Caves in Rojales, where there will be a feast of art, crafts and music. For starters, from...

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Inspire your imagination in Rojales

Arts and crafts, medieval knights and theatre for all the family this weekend This Sunday, December 6th, there is a variety of things to see and do in Rojales, coinciding with the monthly arts and crafts fair at the Cuevas del...

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Christmas Craft Market in San Fulgencio

Get some special presents in La Marina on Saturday This Saturday, November 28th, the San Fulgencio Christmas Craft Market is on at the La Marina Social Centre. There will be artisans, traders and associations offering all kinds...

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Bioart at the Rojales caves

New exhibition to be inaugurated on November 1 at monthly art and craft market The Sala Mengolero at the Cuevas del Rodeo (Rodeo caves) in Rojales is hosting a new exhibition. The ‘bioartist’ Mirtya Huizzi will be...

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Art and crafts and concert

The Rojales caves will be a hub of creativity on Sunday morning The Cuevas del Rodeo cave houses in Rojales will be a hive of activity on Sunday, October 4th when the monthly art and craft market returns to its usual morning...

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