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Tears of San Lorenzo by La Mata lake

More than 200 people watched the Perseids meteor shower On the night of Thursday, August 11th more than 200 people gathered in the Natural Park of La Mata Lakes to observe the most famous meteor shower of the summer, the...

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Watch the Perseids from the salt lake

See the meteor shower on Thursday from inside the Natural Park If you are keen to catch a glimpse of the Perseids meteor shower, which can be seen every August when the Earth passes through the tail of the comet Swift-Tuttle,...

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Astronomical phenomena in August

This year’s Perseids meteor shower will be the most intense for years The warm nights in Spain make the summer the best time to gaze at the stars, planets and meteor showers. This year, August promises some of the most...

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Staring at the Sun in Orihuela

MUDIC Science Museum acquires new solar telescope A new solar telescope which uses the latest technology to make it possible to see magnetic structures or protuberances from the surface of the Sun has been acquired by the...

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Spectacular meteor shower peaks tonight

The Geminids light up the mid December sky Every year in mid-December nature gifts us a spectacular light show. At this time the Earth crosses the orbit of the asteroid Phaeton 3200 and enables us to see beautiful shooting...

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Go stargazing in Pilar this weekend

Projections, observations, children’s activities and even a rocket launch Coming up on Friday and Saturday, August 21st and 22nd lovers of astronomy can make a date with the Moon on the Paseo Marítimo de Playa Jesuitas and...

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Astronomical phenomena light the night sky

From the MUDIC science museum in Orihuela This June in the evening sky, two of the brightest planets seen from Earth are Venus and Jupiter. At the end of the month they will be at their closest with an arc of just 22 between...

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Partial eclipse of the Sun on Friday

Come and watch it safely on Torrevieja seafront On Friday, March 20th, their will be a partial eclipse of the Sun that will be visible from Spain. Torrevieja Town Hall Youth Centre (CIAJ), with the Mastral Project and Alicante...

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Interstellar Spanish scientists

Alicante university astronomers amongst first to witness stars about to merge Researchers from various Spanish universities, including Alicante, have observed two stars that are so close they are going to fuse into one...

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Stargazing in Orihuela Costa

Experts will explain the planets and constellations of the night sky This Saturday at 9:30pm, you can spend the evening gazing at the stars and planets from the Plaza on Playa Flamenca seafront in Orihuela Costa. The event has...

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