Demand to improve Orihuela Costa road signs

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Invisible zebra crossings and faded or missing signposts are among problems raised by Socialists

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The Orihuela Socialist Party (PSOE) has demanded that the Town Hall improve road signs and markings in Orhuela Costa. Councillor María García explained there are zebra crossings that are virtually invisible and road signs that are faded or missing all around the area.

She was annoyed that when she asked about this at a council meeting she was given a Local Police report which said all the requests from the public have been dealt with and officers report any anomalies they see each day so they can be repaired immediately.

García reminded that in August 2016 and October 2017 Councillor for Public Safety Mariola Rocamora announced improvements in the country villages and the city which have been done but on the coast she showed photos proving how bad the road signs and markings still are in places like Punta Prima and La Florida.

"This is dangerous on busy streets when the central line or zebra crossings are invisible. The situation is even worse inland of the N-332 where in some places there are no signs or markings at all," she said.

She claimed only the busiest tourist areas were done to repair the damage from the rain but the markings have already disappeared within a few months because the paint used was such bad quality.

The PSOE have compiled a dossier with help from residents and associations which shows many of the safety improvements that are needed. Copies have been given to Councillor Mariola Rocamora and Councillor for the coast Luisa Boné so that they know how important it is to act now.

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