15 month jail sentence for Whatsapp bully boyfriend

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Man sent 469 messages in a month to incessantly control his partnerwhatsapp

The Alicante Provincial Court has condemned an Orihuela man to 15 months in jail for a gender violence bullying offence because he sent his partner 469 Whatsapp messages in a month.

He has also been ordered not to approach or communicate with the victim for three years and to pay her €1,000 in compensation.

The accused, who had lived with the victim for 12 years and had three children with her, sent the messaged between November and December 2015.

According to the sentence, in the messages he insistently asked her where she was or when she was coming home and demanded that she return as soon as possible in order to "exercise an incessant control over her life, seriously disturbing her and preventing her from living normally".

The man was also accused of sexual assault, abuse, coercion and injuries, for which the Prosecutor said he should be given 53 years in prison. But the court acquitted him of these charges because they were not considered proven at the trial.

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