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Firemen rescue month old dog that got stuck in a balcony drainpipepuppy rescue

Firemen in Orihuela rescued a puppy on Tuesday which had become trapped in a pipe while it was playing on the balcony of a house.

Residents heard the barking coming from the first floor of the house on the Travesía de la Cárcel (near the Local Police station) at about 11:30am. They called the fire brigade because they thought it had got stuck in a five metre high pipe to drain rainwater.

A first response vehicle was sent immediately and it took them about an hour to extract the animal, which was only a month old. They had worked out manually how high up the puppy was and, leaving a prudential margin for error, cut through the pipe.

One of the firemen had to stick his hand right into the pipe and managed to get the puppy out, which was perfectly healthy but nervous, and returned it to its owner.

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