Hiker rescued after night in the Sierra de Orihuela

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Firemen stayed with injured young woman until helicopter could comerescue helicopter

A 20 year old woman was rescued first thing on Thursday after spending the night in the sierra de Orihuela. Four fire fighters and a companion had stayed with her all night until the sun came up and a helicopter could rescue her.

The young woman from Santomera had been hiking with friends the night before when she had suffered an attack of severe lumbago that left her immobilised and unable to continue when they were by the triangulation point.

The group called the emergency services and a rescue team arrived but as night had fallen the helicopter could not be mobilised and they decided to set up camp until she could be flown out in the morning. The area was difficult to access with steep slopes and cliffs which could have made her back even worse if they moved her on a stretcher.

The team stayed overnight with thermal blankets until 8am when the fire brigade helicopter arrived with a doctor. She was taken away and lowered by the tunnel through the mountain, where an ambulance took her to hospital.

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