New look for Vega Baja Hospital Maternity ward

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Area has been refurnished and redecorated to make it more practical and comfortingvega baja hospital maternity ward

The Maternity floor of Vega Baja Hospital has been completely remodelled to ensure that expectant mothers are comfortable and receive quality service during their stay. The work started in the summer after years of demands from patients.

Pregnant women will now have comfy rooms for them and their children, when they arrive. All the wardrobes and doors have been redesigned, the furniture replaced, the lighting has been improved and the air conditioning has too.

The facilities in the bathrooms are more accessible and safer, with handrails to prevent falls. The decoration has been also changed completely to give the area a warmer atmosphere.

The beds are articulated so the women can be more independent and care for their babies more easily. This also helps professionals to comply with health and safety recommendations as it makes it easier to manage and move patients.

“We are convinced that better attention comes from offering people more comfortable and human spaces where their safety is guaranteed,” said department manager Miguel Fayos.

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