Orihuela approves budget despite objections

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Complaints about lack of investment for the coast rejected on technicalitiesbudget approval

At 8:30am a meeting of Orihuela council definitively approved the municipal budget for 2017. The only hurdle to overcome was to reject three objections presented by residents’ groups, political parties and individuals, which principally criticised funding for infrastructures and services in Orihuela Costa, and cuts to the street cleaning and rubbish collection service.

The opposition parties supported the objections, in the case of the PSOE because they had also made the same complaints, which were also rejected by the PP and Ciudadanos coalition.

The Councillor for the Treasury said none of the objections complied with the regulations, because legally only three types of objection have to be considered: that the budget was not drawn up according to the law; that there is not enough credit to carry out the plans; or the income is totally out of proportion compared to the spending.

Cambiemos criticised the council for resorting to technicalities to reject questions brought by the public, who are not familiar with the internal workings of the administration.

The budget was definitely passed with the votes of the PP and Ciudadanos and it is the second budget to be passed during this legislature, after the mayor pointed out that the previous council had to complete a whole mandate with the budget from 2012, after Ciudadanos withdrew their support.

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