Local Police and medics save young man having heart attack in Orihuela

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Officers and doctors coordinated CPR and managed to restore his pulselocal police santo domingo

Local Police by the Santo Domingo arch in Orihuela

On Sunday at about 7am the Local Police Headquarters in Orihuela received an alert from the 112 Emergency Coordination service informing them that a young man was feeling faint and short of breath near the Santo Domingo Arch in the city.

A patrol from the special Citizen Security Group (GESC) rushed there and found the young man lying on the ground with his girlfriend. An ambulance arrived at the same time.

When they checked the young man they realised that he had no pulse and head gone into cardiac arrest, so both officers and medics started to perform CPR on him, taking turns with the manoeuvres.

He was taken in the ambulance to Vega Baja Hospital, with a Local Police officer in the back to continue the resuscitation attempts.

A SAMU medical ambulance with a doctor on board was sent out as well, which halfway to the hospital collected the young man, whose pulse had been restored by then by the efforts of the police and the medics who attended to him initially.

Fortunately this time the rapid intervention of the emergency services had a happy ending for this young man.

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