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Young turtles released into the sea in Torrevieja

Created on 09 October 2017. Posted in Torrevieja

Schoolchildren attended the ceremony at La Mata beach Six young turtles were freed at La Mata beach in Torrevieja on Friday. Their eggs, along with another 82, were laid in Sueca over a year ago. This ...

Torrevieja tourists scare sea turtle

Created on 26 June 2017. Posted in Torrevieja

... the season when it is most probable that Loggerhead sea turtles will try to nest anywhere along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. These animals usually try to do so at night and anybody who sees one should ...

Dolphin found dead on Torrevieja beach

Created on 12 December 2016. Posted in Torrevieja

... dolphins (including a newborn) and two loggerhead turtles have been beached dead along the municipality's coast. A striped dolphin was washed up on a beach in Pilar de la Horadada earlier this month. ...

Torrevieja presents Valencian campaign to save sea turtles

Created on 22 June 2016. Posted in Torrevieja

Catching them by accident is not an offence and you should call 112 Torrevieja has presented the campaign for the whole Valencian Community to save sea turtles that are accidentally caught by professional ...

Torrevieja rehabilitated 27 wild animals in 2015

Created on 06 April 2016. Posted in Torrevieja

... difficulty, call 112 if it is an animal beached by the sea like turtles or dolphins. In other cases contact the Local Police on 092 or the Zoological Centre on 670 027 853, or the same number but ending ...

46 baby turtles born from La Mata litter

Created on 14 October 2015. Posted in Torrevieja

Young will remain in captivity for a year before being released Over the night of Friday October 9th a total of 10 loggerhead turtles emerged from the eggs that were laid in a nest on La Mata beach ...

First few La Mata turtle eggs hatch

Created on 28 September 2015. Posted in Torrevieja

... and are being watched day and night by volunteers to protect the newborns the moment they emerge. These turtles were born just a few days after another group of turtles were released into the sea at ...

Hurt turtle returned to the sea

Created on 10 July 2015. Posted in Torrevieja

... the animal dived without any problems and started to swim out to sea. Loggerhead turtles are a protected species in danger of extinction from human activity, especially fishing and rubbish we throw away ...

Rescued turtles return to the sea

Created on 26 March 2015. Posted in Torrevieja

Three loggerhead sea turtles were released on the beach by the Paseo Maritimo Juan Aparicio in Torrevieja on Wednesday morning. One of them, called Lola, has been tagged with a satellite transmitter ...

Results of wildlife rescue programme revealed

Created on 24 January 2015. Posted in Torrevieja

... also numerous sightings of families of them from the coast. They also found four turtles that had died of different causes, including fishing hooks and collisions with boats. They generally washed up on ...

A young turtle is saved off the coast from La Zenia

Created on 07 August 2013. Posted in NEWS

... in the Mediterranean on the brink of disappearing. For this reason a special rescue, care and recovery programme has been activated for such turtles that are trapped or rescued by boats off the coast of ...

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