Published: 4 July, 2018 (9 months ago)

The Campoverde Theatre Group was one of the first groups of any kind to be formed in this area of the Costa Blanca, and numerous other theatre and musical societies have since been founded from their influence or their association.

With only eight members in 1988, who all shared a love of drama and acting, the small group took to putting on shows in La Luz, the only restaurant in Campoverde at the time.

They now look back fondly at their humble beginnings twenty years ago, when their stage could only be accessed from the front where the audience sat, and so they had to use the back window as an entrance and climb through it instead.

Since the early days, when each member had several parts to play and acting out Oklahoma and other shows with a numerous cast was challenging although not impossible, the number of members of the Campoverde Theatre Group has swelled to 50 and their reputation as a very professional and experienced amateur theatrical group, who always perform to the highest standards, has grown in stature.

The group typically perform three shows a year and over the seasons have acted out their own, more often than not, highly comedic versions of Snow White, Aladin and Jack and the Beanstalk, plus their own named, Oliver with a Twist, Waking Beauty and Tomb with a View amongst others.

The group meet every Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 5pm at the Community Centre in Blue Lagoon, where they read scripts, rehearse and generally prepare for their forthcoming performances.

New members of all ages are very welcome, whether in front or behind the scenes, and particularly if you excel in sewing costumes!

For more information on the Campoverde Theatre Group or their next production, please contact Jan on 645 759 068 or Tony on 966 18 24 15.