Rojales art and craft market and new exhibition

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Rodeo Caves will be awash with creativity on Sundayeva santos workshop

The Art n Ground Collective, which is in charge of the exhibitions at the Rodeo Caves in Rojales, will inaugurate a new installation on Sunday, January 3rd at 12pm when the monthly art and craft market is also on from 11am.

This exhibition by Eva Santos is described as art-therapy which acts as a bridge to establish intergenerational relations. The artist wanted to provoke a reaction by collaborating with the people closest to her and then extending these to people from other places.

Her work consists of tacking pieces of cloth to old clothes imbued with symbolic value to reveal the personal connections of each author with their work. The pieces end up speaking to each other in the space they occupy together, taking over the room and transforming the subterranean interior of the cave.

Art n Ground will also inaugurate a residency in cave 11.5 where visitors and creative types can stay and share spaces with the artists and craftspeople who work in the Rodeo Caves neighbourhood.

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