Juan Ignacio López Bas, Councillor for Infrastructure, and Luisa Boné, City Councillor for Beaches, have unveiled the project of the new park in Aguamarina in Orihuela Costa

López-Bas has pointed out that this is “the redevelopment of a park, which is located next to the beach promenade of Aguamarina. The idea is to provide different recreational opportunities for different age groups; a park in which all generations can unite, where you can do sports, with recreational areas for young people and a playground for the children.”

“From the Municipal Department of Beaches in collaboration with the Municipal Department of Infrastructure, we are carrying out a series of measures to adapt various parks and gardens of Orihuela Costa. The park of Aguamarina, also known as the “balcony of the Mediterranean” because of its unique location, is to be converted into a comfort area. A meeting place with shady areas in the summer and from where neighbours and visitors can enjoy a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea, “said Luisa Boné.

In the children’s area there will be a zip wire, a castle with a pipe slide, swings and trampoline. The youth area will feature 3 picnic tables, 2 ping pong tables and tennis referee chairs to create a sporty atmosphere. In addition, there will be a podium for award ceremonies. The senior citizen can enjoy an area with 5 cardiovascular fitness equipment and a bocce track with sea views.

These areas are laid out around the central square of the park, where banks are placed in a circle to create a family atmosphere. On the floor of the central square are painted traditional games such as hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, a target, etc.

The entire park will have trees arranged in such a way that each area of the park provides shade in the summer, but at the same time will not block the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. In this way, all visitors can enjoy this great enclave.

The project, which is to be carried out on the current park property, covers 4,807 m2, has a budget of €125,000, has been approved by the local government and it is in the tender phase.