The price of more than 1,200 different medicines available in our pharmacies across the country were reduced on 1 January 2019 thanks to a new Price Reference Order that has come into force.

According to the General Council of the Association of Official Pharmacists, this price reduction in various pharmaceutical drugs will reduce public spending on medicines by 88 million euro.

Amongst the type of medications that will see a reduction in price are anti-inflammatories, cough medicines, drugs to help relieve the symptoms of arthrosis, plus medication for high cholesterol, glaucoma and high blood pressure.

Anyone buying ibuprofen, medication for asthma containing salbutamol or budesonide, antidepressants such as Lepraxo or Cipralex, some anti-conceptive pills or medication for Parkinson’s disease will also find that they will be paying less at the counter.