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Day: January 2, 2019

Guide to the Spanish Towns with the Most Curious Names

There’s a village in Spain called Lepe, which literally translates to “be a complete twit or idiot”. Anyone that comes from that village must be faced with an untold amount of jokes at their expense when asked by an outsider where they come from. But Lepe isn’t the only place in this country with a weird or comical name. This is our guide to the 10 Spanish towns and villages with the oddest or most curious names and a description of where these place names actually originate from. Guarromán, Jaén, Andalucía  With a name like this (dirty man), many...

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Family Cinema This Week in Pilar de la Horadada

The Christmas festivities are not fully over until Monday 7 January and so there are still a lot of activities and events being organised by the various local town halls of the region. This evening, and for the following two as well, the whole family can enjoy some great family cinema at the Sala Dúplex Espacio Cultural in Pilar de la Horadada. Three family fun films will be shown in Spanish, with showings commencing at 17.00h and entrance is free. The programme is as follows: Wednesday 2 January Sherlock Gnomes Thursday 3 January ¡Canta! (Sing!) Friday 4 January Leo...

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What Goes Up and What Goes Down – Your 2019 Official Price Guide

As with every new year we have new budgets to contend with, and with new budgets means toe price of some things goes up, whilst others (not many) go down. This year starts with increases in the cost of electricity, fuel, stamps, telephones and regional train tickets, although the price of natural gas will go down. Airport taxes and other train ticket prices are maintained, as is IBI, the tax rate, although the basic minimum wage has also gone up, as have pensions. Keep reading to find out all about it, be patient though, we have a very technical...

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