If you’re up and about this morning, you’d better beware, things might not be quite what they seem!

Today is 28 December, which is Día de los Santos Inocentes, the Day of the Innocents, a day steeped in Biblical history, in which the hagiographic episode of Christianity: the killing of children under two years old born in Bethlehem, ordered by King Herod I the Great in order to get rid of the newborn Jesus of Nazareth, is commemorated.

However, in Spain, it is also known for another reason. What we English might recognise as April Fool’s Day, in which jokes are traditionally played, sometimes by children, but often by adults too.

News outlets often play along, as well as businesses and public services, and so, for a short time at least, things might not always be what they seem. Beware if you’re out and about, you might become a victim of a prank, or even that news story that seems just a little bit too farfetched, might be.