Two people have been arrested in Orihuela for stealing two lorries and then putting them up for sale on the Internet.

The National Police have recovered the vehicles, which had been stolen from Malaga and Móstoles.

Two Spaniards aged 47 and 52 have been arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and falsifying documents, although they are now out on bail and awaiting trial.

The vehicles were up for sale on various pages of the Internet, after identification elements had been altered.

An investigation into the theft of the lorries commenced when a friend of one of the vehicle owners saw an advert on the Internet for a lorry for sale. It looked very similar to that of his friend, so he went to the police.

The Judicial Police from the Orihuela headquarters discovered the lorry in the interior of a business in Orihuela, and it turned out to be the one that had been stolen from Malaga.

The owners of the company had altered the distinctive elements of the lorry so that it could not be easily recognised, as well as all stickers and similar.

On searching the inside of the business, the other lorry was also found, and had been treated in the same way.

And if there wasn’t any doubt of their guilt, police officers also discovered various objects that came from a lorry that had been stolen in Cullera, near Valencia.

After the suspects were arrested, the lorry owners were contacted and assured that their vehicles would be returned to them as soon as the investigation was closed.