The CD Torrevieja management team and players visited the Occupational and Special Education Centre of Torrevieja earlier this week, where they were warmly greeted by the centre’s manager, staff and students.

During the visit, the players posed for photos taken with the students and even made time for an impromptu game of football, which ended up in a penalty shootout, with the children making it really difficult for our players to win.

The visit was an enjoyable one, where excitement, joyfulness and good sportsmanship were in play throughout.

This was the second time this week where children were able to teach the adults important life lessons and values which in our busy lives we often tend to forget.

The players also hoped that their visit to the children at the centre would be considered their first Three Kings gift.

Finally, the club gave the Occupational and Special Education Centre a shirt signed by all the players, in thanks to the staff and children at the centre for their warm and friendly welcome and their hospitality during the whole of their visit.