What the Orihuela Costa has longed for will soon be a reality in Elche, as the Provincial Government has decided to build them a brand new auditorium

The Alicante Provincial government has agreed to build a brand new auditorium, which will be for all of the province’s residents to enjoy, in Elche.

The President of the Provincial government, César Sánchez of the PP, announced on Monday that the government will construct a Provincial Auditorium in Elche for Culture and Congress.

The building required the agreement of the local socialist government to provide the land, to which the Mayor, Carlos Gonzalez of the PSPV-PSOE, has assigned.

The goal, as explained by Sanchez in a meeting with the Rotary Club of Elche, is “to provide a strong cultural and business content in this space that would not only be focused on concerts and events, but also other congressional appointments”, presumably considering the International Auditorium in Torrevieja, which stands empty most of the time, too far away for these functions.

The Provincial Government want to make it clear that It has advanced the investment, which they say will be the “most important in the history of the city”, and it has indicated that it is “pending squaring a working meeting with the mayor to outline this project.” “We will provide the city of Elche a large space for culture and for that we will face a major investment in the city for this audience that will cover the culture and the demands and needs from the business point of view,” Sanchez concluded.