Small kids or big, if you can’t wait for the toys to come to you this Christmas, why not take yourself to the toys?

Even those adults why claim to be grown up won’t be able to resist playing with toys if left alone for long enough, and we know a place where the magic of play comes alive each and every day, and, what’s more, it’s not a million miles away.

Situated in the Alicante town of Ibi is a somewhat hidden attraction, the Toy Hotel, where each room is themed with a different play selection.

There are a total of 21 themed rooms with characters from the likes of Lego, Superwins, Barriguitas, Nenuco, Pin and Pon, Nancy and Playmobil, who, incidentally, have their Spanish base in Ibi.

With both bed and breakfast or half-board available, and rooms that can be adapted to the family, or just for one if you want to send a big kid away for a break, you get toys, free WI-FI, bathroom, LCD TV, heating, air conditioning, telephone, mini fridge, wake-up service and piped music.

Hotel del Juguete, to give it the official name, is located in the interior of the province of Alicante, just 30 minutes by car from the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. Its location allows its clients to exchange landscapes as different as the sea and Mediterranean pine forests in a few minutes.

The hotel also offers gift packs for birthdays, Christmas and communion, amongst other deals, all of which can be seen on their website,