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Day: December 9, 2018

Walking with Dinosaurs in Alicante

Ride an animatronics dinosaur, marvel at their height, be blown away by their ferocity, or just wonder of a time long ago, all of these experiences, and more, can be yours, every weekend, in Alicante Situated on the first floor of the CC Puerta de Alicante shopping centre (no, we didn’t realise dinosaurs could climb stairs either… Or maybe they used the lift), you will find a stunning array of 50 dinosaurs, from the Triceratops to the Parasaurolophus, from the Protoceratops to the Pterosaurus (yes, we’re testing auto correct), and everything in between, pretty much. You can walk amongst...

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Did you buy this table from IKEA?

If you have bought a white and glass table from IKEA, check the name, as it may be part of a global recall Swedish furniture superstore IKEA has issued a global recall of a white and glass table, after safety concerns reveal that the table top may fall and cause injury. The Glivarp table, which was on sale from January of 2017, features an extendable table top which may become detached from the securing rails and fall. The firm states that it is only the model in white which is part of the recall, tables with a metallic finish...

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Electricity Price Increase – Just when you need to use more!

The average price of domestic electricity has gone up December, after two months of decline After two months of decreases, the cost of domestic electricity has risen again in the first week of December, according to the analysis of FACUA-Consumers in Action group. The average bill is now 80 euro again, with the price of a kWh placed at an average of 16.61 cents (13.06 plus 27.19% indirect taxes). The consumer group is criticising the government for continually failing to take measures to reduce the price of domestic bills, especially as we head towards dark and cold nights, when...

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Virgin Atlantic Pilots Plan Christmas Strike

Christmas may well be a celebration of the virgin birth, but if you’re planning to fly to the states to celebrate, Virgin may not be the answer your season desires Pilots who fly for Virgin Atlantic are planning a strike over Christmas, that they say will disrupt flights from 22 December until the big day. The Professional Pilots Union (PPU), which represents some 30% of the carrier’s pilots, has called for action after the union was excluded from talks regarding proposed changes to pilot benefits. According to Virgin Atlantic, the Professional Pilots Union, which was set up in 2013...

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Quirónsalud Gives Its Support to Club Deportivo Torrevieja

The Quirónsalud Hospital in Torrevieja and CD Torrevieja have drawn up an agreement of mutual support for the 2018-2019 season. During this period, the hospital will make its presence known at the Vicente García stadium, as well as on the Club’s kit. Through this partnership, CD Torrevieja will support and promote the image of Hospital Quirónsalud in Torrevieja, whose main aim is to promote health, encourage habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle as well as the values that help create a healthier and more responsible society. In this, sport plays an extremely important role, particularly in the prevention...

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