Following a major police operation, three people have been arrested on drug trafficking charges, including one driving a van distributing the drugs in Torrevieja

Three people have so far been arrested, with other detentions looming, after an investigation by the National Police led to the breakup of a major drug supply network.

The arrests have followed weeks of investigations, resulting in a van being intercepted in Torrevieja, and sixteen thousand euro in cash being found, along with half a kilo of cocaine.

The arrest in Torrevieja was in addition to a raid in Elda, coordinated by the National Police, based in Elche, who had become aware of the network that would distribute narcotics throughout the Alicante province.

Those involved in the network had “perfectly defined” roles within the organisation, with one responsible for purchasing, another for distribution to the street-level network, and the thirs for transporting the drugs.

The vehicle used in the distribution had a special compartment created, hidden in the glove box, so as to avoid detection through routine, basic checks. The hidden compartment was cleverly created and spring loaded, so as to conceal the drugs.