This week, we have a super-long weekend to celebrate Spain’s birthday, with two holiday days and a bridge in the middle

On Thursday this week, 6th of December, Spain celebrates its Día de la Constitución, when, this year, we can celebrate the 40th anniversary of the constitution.

The referendum of 1978 is commemorated on December 6, recognising the 1978 vote in which the Spanish people approved, by a large majority, the current Constitution, being published in the Official State Gazette on December 29 of the same year, entering into force on the same day as its publication.

Now, each year, the country celebrates with a day of fiesta, also known as an official “red day”, and supported in the celebrations by the State Administration, the Armed Forces and the educational centres all celebrating diverse commemorative acts.

Then, on Saturday, the 8th of December, there will be another holiday, this time a religious celebration, the Inmaculada Concepción, also known as the Immaculate Conception, a dogma of the Catholic Church decreed in 1854 that maintains that the Virgin Mary was free from original sin from the first moment of her conception by the merits of her son, Jesus Christ.

This day is also call for celebration. Priests get to dress specially for mass, and there are more military celebrations, as well as local events marking the patronage of the Virgin Mary.

Meanwhile, as one of the two fixed days falls on a weekend, many businesses will also be closed on the Friday, a bridging day, and so you may want to check the opening hours of your favourite store or business on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week.

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