If you are interested in real-life stories from World War II and in particular what life was like in a concentration camp for thousands of prisoners on a day-to-day basis, you might want to go and watch the première of The Mauthausen Photographer (El Fotógrafo de Mauthausen), which is being shown in Guardamar on Saturday evening.

The film, by Mar Targarona, is originally Spanish, and will therefore be shown only in Spanish.

The story is based on real events from the life of Francesc Boix, a Spanish inmate in the Austrian concentration camp of Mauthausen, who tries to save the evidences of the horrors committed inside its walls.

Francisco Boix Campo (31 August 1920, in Barcelona – July 1951 in Paris) was a photographer who presented photographs that played a role in the conviction of Nazi war criminals.

As a Spanish republican he was exiled in France in 1939. He was recruited by the French Foreign Legion and French Army and captured in 1940 by the Germans.

Boix, like over 7,000 Spaniards, was an inmate in the Mauthausen concentration camp between January 1941 and May 1945, who became known for having testified as a witness in two trials against German Nazi war criminals.

In the Nuremberg trial (International Military Tribunal), Boix was called by the French prosecution to show photographs taken by the SS in Mauthausen.

Those photos depicted the conditions in which the prisoners lived and were murdered in that camp. They were also a proof that the camp was known and visited by high leaders of the Third Reich, like Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who appeared visiting both the Mauthausen camp proper, and the Wienergraben quarry in and the camp in Mauthausen.

Boix was also a witness in the military American trial which took place in Dachau against 61 criminals from the German Nazi camp Mauthausen.

Boix had hidden these negatives (around 20,000) in the time he was in Mauthausen and worked as a prisoner in the SS photographic service.

Between 1945 and 1951 Boix worked as a photo reporter in the French press, particularly for a newspaper associated with the French Communist Party.

For more information about the life of The Mauthausen Photographer, you can read this article in English in El País. https://elpais.com/elpais/2015/05/11/inenglish/1431348909_486618.html

Date: Saturday 8 December

Time: 20.00h

Place: Casa de Cultura

Address: Calle Colón, 60, 03140 Guardamar del Segura

Entrance: 5€ – tickets can be purchased on the door or via agendaguardamar.com