It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid (or maybe there is #SafetyFirst)… there won’t be snow in Torrevieja this Christmastime… because the mayor has banned it… Safety Fiiiirrrsst… Feed the Woooorrrlllld…

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, has banned snow from Torrevieja this Christmas.

Specifically, the Los Verdes mayor is recommending that the owners of kiosks and shops in Torrevieja do not to sell fake snow sprays during the festivities.

The plea is based on the “numerous complaints that have been received from the public, as well as accidents that have been occurred due to the irresponsible use” of these sprays.

Therefore, because you’re not grown up enough to be trusted with them, the council head has asked shops to stop distributing the product to “avoid damage, both personal and material to public spaces, municipal and local agencies, and for the unfortunate deterioration of the image of the city.”

Not only that, he is concerned over the health and safety aspect of the use of fake snow, on account of the falls, slips and stains on clothing (by the product, not as a result of the shock of a fall, we assume), giving as an example “the dangerous fall suffered by El Lobo during the parade of the Charamita, and that some of the assistants also suffered a mishap”.

The mayor asks for collaboration, together with all the municipal groups, “for the sake of the conservation and image of the city.”

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