Alicante-Elche airport is undergoing a facelift, one which is aimed to improve passenger flow, specifically through security checks

The Costa Blanca’s most popular transport hub, Alicante-Elche Airport, has the builders in right now, working on a major facelift that will improve passenger flow through security, and lead to an overall improved experience for travellers.

In brief:

  • A total of 24 new automatic boarding gates will be installed and all X-ray machines will be renewed
  • The Airport will have 24 security filters, seven more than at present, and all of them will be one metre wider
  • It will enable a priority passageway for families with children, and will have a playground for babies
  • Despite there being some disruption whilst the work is carried out, measures will be adopted to minimise the impact of the work on the usual operations of this control


Alicante-Elche Airport has begun major renovation and improvement works that will expand the passenger security and safety area which gives access to the boarding gates.

At a cost of around 7 million euro, the aim is to improve the fluidity and comfort of travellers and is part of the “Quality Plan” adopted by the airport, which is located in the Elche town of El Altet.

The work will see the installation of 24 new automatic barriers, all capable of reading boarding passes, that will then give access to 24 new security filters, compared to the 17 that are currently available, although many are normally closed, and of the new corridors, four will be installed in a second line to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, among other uses.

As the work will provide 1,300 square metres of space within the security and control area, it will be necessary to relocate some shops, but this will mean that the inspection lines will be 3.2 metres wide, which is 1 metre wider than at present, thus improving the comfort of the passengers.

With this same objective, aimed at improving the comfort of passengers travelling with children, a priority security gate for families will be enabled, with an especially wide corridor that will feature a playground for babies.

For those worried about the current fast-lane service already available at Alicante-Elche Airport, this will be maintained, offering passengers the possibility of preferential access to security control. This service can be contracted through the Aena app or website and also offered by the associated airlines.

In addition to the incorporation of automatic doors for reading boarding passes, all X-ray machines and security arcs will be renewed, with state-of-the-art equipment.

A new system equipped with state-of-the-art technology will also be installed in the management of carry-on luggage, which will function automatically by sliding the trays with unchecked luggage for inspection. The system itself will move the trays through the X-ray machines, divert those that require a more thorough inspection and return the trays to the supply point. All this will facilitate the work of security personnel and improve the flow of passengers.

Carrying out the improvement work is set to be done in the current “low season”, to minimise disruption to passengers, and will be carried out in phases, taking into account the schedules of the least influx of passengers at the time of undertaking the most impactful work. Likewise, the signage and auxiliary personnel will be reinforced to minimise the impact on the users of the Alicante terminal.

Although your airport experience may suffer for the short term whilst the work is being completed, once finished it is set to make everything a whole lot better, just hopefully not as good as Luton, Stanstead or Manchester, all of which frequently make the top 10 lists for the worst airports in Europe, especially when it comes to delays and inconvenience caused by security controls.

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