A company from Murcia is offering advice on how music should accompany such life changing events as a wedding, or even just a small family gathering

Whether a wedding, birthday, baptism or store opening, live music is essential to creating a great atmosphere, according to experts.

However, it’s not just a case of booking any old performer and hoping for the best, the choice of music is equally important, they say.

There are many companies in Spain offering groups or orchestras for weddings, but before deciding on one, assess all the options and see what each of them offers. This is the advice from Musical Mastia , who themselves offer advice on the songs that work better at different times, ensuring they always satisfy their customers, and the events in which they participate.

“For weddings, music cannot be treated as a supplement, but as a necessity”, says Alberto Larios, founding partner of Musical Mastia, based in Murcia. ” What would the entrance of the bride be without musicians making their wedding a fairytale come true, or leaving the couple with the wedding March.”

For religious weddings, it is usual that all highlights are accompanied by music, such as the entry of the couple, readings, moments of the Mass, signatures and photos, etc, whereas at civil weddings, readings, rites, and the finale, are all essential, always without disturbing the proceedings, as previously agreed with the priest or those officiating, agreeing as to when the music will play, so there are no surprises and everything works out fluidly.

Whatever the event, ensuring that a plan is in place is crucial, and that the choice of music reflects the moment, and takes visitors on a journey, so that whatever the event is accompanies, it is one which will be memorable, for all the right reasons.