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Month: December 2018

No significant changes in drug consumption figures, except for tobacco and cannabis

According to the 2017-2018 Survey on Alcohol and other Drugs in Spain (EDADES), conducted by the Government Delegation for the National Drugs Plan and published by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Well-being, the consumption of all drugs, except cannabis and tobacco, among the Spanish population aged 15 and 64 has levelled out over the last two years. The data from EDADES 2017-2018 show that the drugs consumed by a vast majority of people are legal. At the top of the list is alcohol (75.2% of respondents consumed alcohol in the last year; 77.6% in 2015), followed by...

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Ding dong bell…

The goat’s stuck down the well! Cartagena fire fighters carried out a muddy rescue on Friday after four male goats found themselves trapped down a well. Nobody quite knows how the males ended up down the well, whether to avoid the Christmas earache from their families, or just to try to bury their heads in the sand, or perhaps a goat-related reason, but they certainly couldn’t get themselves out without the help of the rope-clad rescuers. The drama unfolded in the town of Perina, when the animals were located 20 metres down the La Torre Nicolás Pérez well. With...

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Spanish Cabin Crew at Ryanair Threaten Strikes in January

Spanish cabin crew at Ryanair are unhappy with their pay and working conditions and have threatened to walk out on three days in January if their demands for an improved working environment and pay are not met. Ryanair passengers could face disruption if travelling on January 8, 10 or 13 January as it is likely that Spanish cabin crew will strike after unions met with Ryanair bosses and a mediating body and nothing was resolved. Unions supporting the 1,800 Spanish Ryanair cabin crew claim that their workers are treated worse than cabin crew from all other countries as the...

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Beware of Fools!!!

If you’re up and about this morning, you’d better beware, things might not be quite what they seem! Today is 28 December, which is Día de los Santos Inocentes, the Day of the Innocents, a day steeped in Biblical history, in which the hagiographic episode of Christianity: the killing of children under two years old born in Bethlehem, ordered by King Herod I the Great in order to get rid of the newborn Jesus of Nazareth, is commemorated. However, in Spain, it is also known for another reason. What we English might recognise as April Fool’s Day, in which...

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End of Year Concert by Benidorm Symphony Orchestra in Rojales

If you’re looking for a special event to herald in the New Year, don’t miss out on this unique concert being held at the Municipal Theatre in Rojales this Saturday. The ‘end of year’ concert is being performed by the magnificent Benidorm Symphony Orchestra and will be directed by José Vicente Pérez Pérez. They will also be joined by soprano soloist Carmen Muñoz Muñoz. Tickets are prices at 10€ each and can be obtained from the Information Office at the town hall of Rojales or at the theatre ticket office on the day of the concert. Date: Saturday 29...

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