You’d be barking not to go to Alicante this weekend, or maybe barking if you do, as the IFA exhibition centre hosts one of the country’s biggest dog and pet shows

This weekend dogs from around Spain and the world will arrive in Alicante for the 66th and 67th national, and the 38th international dog show hosted by the Alicante canine association.

The IFA exhibition centre, conveniently located near Alicante-Elche Airport, is the location for the event, which sees the 66th national exhibition held on Saturday, and the 67th on Sunday. Not only that, it is Sunday which will see the 38th international event take place.

Perros 365 magazine will be covering the event, which will see the dogs compete in the usual categories, ranging from doggy beauty, to intelligence and obedience.

The event actually starts on Friday with a gathering of veterinarians from around the country for the second national conference, which also spills over into Saturday, when Expocashorro 2018 takes place, the umbrella exhibition covering all things relating to the animal and dog related exhibitions running through the weekend.

EXPOCACHORRO is the name of the fair is designed to find in a single space a wide range of articles, products, services and information related to pets. Stands of specialised stores, schools of education and training, clubs, protective equipment, food for all types of pets … a whole sector together to offer a wide range of services and products.

This year as a novelty, there will also be an adoption catwalk, and a space dedicated to animal adoption, with the campaign supporting offering a forever home to one of the many animals abandoned of found lost throughout the country, rather than supporting farms and breeders when there are so many animals in need of a home.

There is an additional (small) entrance fee to the Adoption Hall, but all of that money goes towards the participants who are trying to find homes for the animals.