If you don’t know, the headline is a quote from The Lion King, and, the show starts today in Elche

Starting on Wednesday, November 28, sadly only running through to Friday, November 30, Elche will be hosting a music and dance spectacle, in the form of The Lion King at La Llotja theatre.

The Rokuro Kubi Theatre group has been touring with the production, taking in locations around Spain, an even abroad, for several years. This group is composed, mainly, of people with intellectual and physical diversity. It also has children without diversity in its team, who make inclusion a reality.

If you’ve ever fancied seeing The Lion King live on stage, then your support for this group will not be wasted, as they are such a unique gathering of people that proves what can be achieved through dedicated efforts, much like the messages in the film and stage show itself.

By the way, if you didn’t know, The Lion King is also set to be re-released in 2019 by Disney, this time as a live action, computer generated film, in which the scenery and characters are nothing less than stunning, and when the teaser trailer was released last week by Disney, it broke all records for such a piece.