This event is aimed at the Spanish residents wanting to learn English, but it also opens up the opportunity for volunteering, either here, or for one of the many other associations crying out for help

In recognition of International Volunteer Day, the visitor’s centre at the La Mata Natural Park is offering a unique experience where attendees can join them on a guided walk of the area, participate in workshops to learn new craft skills, and, whilst doing all of this, learn and practice speaking English.

The event, “Rutas y caminos de la Sal”, is effectively a craft workshop, but it is held entirely in English, taught by their native volunteers, where natives will learn not only to perform the crafts they propose, but also learn vocabulary related to the natural environment and nature.

For the Spanish visitors to the centre, it is advertised on the regional tourism website as “the opportunity you were waiting for, to practice English in a fun and enriching way, especially for the little ones”, and it is another way that foreign residents have infiltrated the natural landscape of this diverse area.

If you are considering volunteering and offering help in this way, then maybe this is a time to visit the centre and ask if they are looking for help. Volunteering is a great way of helping a cause or association, assisting your community, and making new friends. There are lots of other associations crying out for help right now, you can find many of these on the website.

If you are part of an association looking for volunteers, please feel free to get in touch via our Facebook page and we will gladly spread the word for you.

Meanwhile, this event at the La Mata natural park is taking place on Thursday, 6 December, 2018, starting at 11:00 a.m. at the Information Centre of the La Mata-Torrevieja Natural Park.

You can ask for more information via their email address, [email protected]