The headline may make you think that the article is about a political struggle, but it isn’t, it’s about real obstacles and a battle to be victorious against the odds (could still be about politics, but it isn’t)

This weekend, the Battle for Orihuela will take place, or rather the Orihuela stage of the Battle for the Mediterranean to be more precise, as Orihuela plays host to one of the most gruelling sporting events on the calendar this Sunday.

On Sunday, November 25, Orihuela will have a special area marked out and created for an obstacle course that will see participants battle their demons, and undergo real physical challenges, in order to compete in a race of champions.

There are two options available to participants, a 6 kilometre race with 20 obstacles, or the 10 kilometre race with 25 obstacles. Only the most tuned physical bodies will complete the course, let alone be crowned champion, but if you do fancy the challenge, you have to register before Friday.

Registration can be done, either individually or in groups, at the website,, where you can also find out more information, if you wish.

The events is a qualifier for the World Championships, so if you do well in this race, you could go on to be the champion of the world, imagine that.

Get your warrior shorts ready to do battle and we will join you at the starting line on Sunday, although we’ll only be taking pictures, not competing. We’re not that crazy!