It won’t be a silent night in Orihuela on December 2, as choirs of children will sing loud and proud for a chance to perform in Alicante

Orihuela’s councillor for Education, Begoña Cuartero, has presented the II Festival of Christmas Carols for young choirs that will take place on December 2 at the Auditorium La Lonja.

“An enrolment period was opened for all schools that have a choir to participate in this event, and the provincial phase will take place here in Orihuela,” explained Cuartero.

The councillor was accompanied by Diana Scoarta, production director, and Oriana Quintero, a professional singer and member of the jury. “Hundreds of children will meet at La Lonja and with this event we are giving an artistic experience to the youngest of Orihuela within the framework of healthy competition and improvement,” stressed the production director.

In this event the choirs of the Santo Domingo School, Our Lady of the Pillar School of La Campaneta and the Manuel de Torres de Almoradí School will participate. The finalist will go to a gala to be held in Alicante. One of our objectives is “to celebrate the Christmas spirit and also to promote the young talents of our municipality and create synergies among all the schools that participate”, said the councillor.

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