Deeeer de……. Deeeeeeeeer de………. Deeeeeeeeeeeer de…….. de DE de DE de DE dur de… We are singing the theme tune to Jaws. You try writing it if you think you can do better! Anyway, there are a group of people who can do much better than all of us put together, and they are coming to Torervieja in December… DE de DEEEEEEEEEEErrrrrr

The Film Symphony Orchestra (FSO) will be appearing at the International Auditorium in Torrevieja next month, playing for more than two hours of live music from the movies.

The date for the event is December 15, when the halls of the auditorium will echo to the sounds of Star Wars, Superman, Harry Potter and, of course, Jaws!

Described as a “transgressive and full of force” concert, which has been put together by the former contestant of ‘Masters of sewing’, Jaime Suay, the music of John Williams, will bring life to the performers and take the audience on a journey of music and film in an event like no other.