Throughout the whole of the weekend, starting from this evening, there will be a series of varied activities taking place at the Francisco Grau Auditorium in Bigastro.

Kicking off the fun will be the inauguration of the Aula Universitaria (University Room) at 19.30h, together with the ’35 Years in the UA’ exhibition. This will be followed by a dance show performed by the Aula de Danza de la Universidad de Alicante titled “The Last Supper” (La Última Cena). There will be free entrance to both of these activities.

Tomorrow, Saturday 17 November, at 18.00h in the Auditorium, there will be a video showing of the cultural project “Memorias de Bigastro” (Memories of Bigastro). This is a DVD that has been produced by the Town Hall of Bigastro and its Department of Culture and is made up of interviews of some of the town’s older generation, who recount their history of the town in their own words and through their personal memories as they reminisce on how Bigastro used to be, what life was like, their local cuisine, musical traditions and other anecdotes. This project has been recognised by the European Parliament and EU Council as a Cultural Patrimony piece of work.

And finally, on Sunday, there will be a free concert by the Manuel Moya Choir in the Auditorium at 18.00h.