If mountaineering is your pleasure, don your boots and gaiters and schedule Orihuela into your diary in late November

Orihuela’s councillor for sports, Víctor Valverde, along with the councillor for the Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, launched the first ever “Sports and Mountain Days” in the municipality, which will be held at La Lonja on 27, 28 and 29 November.

During this week’s presentation of the event, the councillors were joined by Luis Galiano, secretary of the Oriolano Mountaineering Group (GOM) and by Elías Abad, member of the GOM and editor of the Climbing Guide ” Cylindropuntia ” of Orihuela.

“During these days we are going to have presentations by prestigious professionals in this sport,” said Valverde, praising how talks with the GOM, “have opened ways for future collaboration between the City and the Group .”

For his part, Fernández thanked the GOM for its involvement “with the municipality of Orihuela and the sustainability of the mountains”, again praising the groups, this time for the assistance provided in different situations, “as in the cleaning and reforestation of forests, or in the fight against the plague of Cylindropuntia (an invasive plant not native to Orihuela).”

“We are sure that these days will be a success and we must thank the Department of Sports and Environment for their collaboration,” said Galiano.

Elías Abad has also been grateful because the council decided to support the climbing guide “Pared Negra”, which will be presented at the conference: “The Pared Negra (Black Wall) of Orihuela and its mountains in general has been the birthplace of Murcian mountaineering .” This publication has had more than 3,000 downloads on the Internet. “In the whole history of the Group we have not had an event of this calibre”, concluded Abad.