Thursday sees the fifth anniversary of the Fair Trade alliance in Orihuela and businesses are coming together to celebrate

Orihuela’s councillor for commerce, Miguel Ángel Fernández, will preside over the celebrations to mark the V anniversary of the implementation of Fair Trade in Orihuela.

The celebration will take place on Thursday, November 8 at 8:00 p.m. at the La Lonja exhibition all in the city, itself a former centre of local trade when it performed its function as a market hall.

At a press conference on Monday, launching the event, Miguel Ángel Fernández was accompanied by Andrés Javaloy, president of Comercio Justo in Orihuela, and volunteers of the store. An behalf of Fair Trade Orihuela, it was explained how the concept of Fair Trade “is an alternative trade to promote decent wages, equality between men and women, protection of the environment and the prohibition of child labour.” In addition, they added that the establishment has developed over the years and offers a wider range of items on sale in order to achieve a better and fairer world.

“The Government Team has continued to collaborate with this solidarity trade and this has been especially important to make it known more and more.”

The councillor for commerce recalled that Orihuela was declared as the first Fair Trade city of the Valencian Community on November 7, 2013, which also made it the tenth Spanish city to obtain this distinction. “We are in this group of cities committed to fair trade thanks to the work of volunteers especially and the administrations, businesses, companies and associative fabric that bring Fair Trade products to citizens,” said Fernandez.

Another of the commitments of the City of Orihuela is the public purchase of Fair Trade products for municipal events and activities. “It is a commitment we have with Fair Trade as that tool for sustainable development and the fight against climate change,” added the councillor.

Finally, Miguel Ángel Fernández stressed that “we as an administration will continue to support and collaborate with Fair Trade,” and also wanted to thank the volunteers who “every day strive to make Fair Trade continue to grow, with products with which it is possible to create a more dignified and sustainable world for all”